Outside Sales

Waite Specialty Machine is seeking an outside sales representative to join us!

Job Functions:

  • Overall understanding of our company’s capabilities
  • Understanding of our machine capacities
  • Measure parts, draw sketches and relay accurate information to supervisors

Required Skills: 

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Excellent Organizational skills
  • Able to use appropriate tools to accurately measure parts
  • Able to develop report with customers and meet or exceed their expectations


  • Must be honest, dependable, punctual and self disciplined.
  • Able to work with little supervision whether it be a team project or individual project.
  • Ability to provide excellent customer service.

Personality and Character Qualities:
Must be dependable and punctual, honest and persistent. Able to get along with and have patience with a variety of people. Is well groomed and appropriately dressed.

Wage depends on experience

Medical and dental insurance
IRA retirement
Paid holidays

Education: high school or equivalent

Fill out and submit an application at 1160 Industrial Way.

Contact (360) 577-0777 for details of this position.

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