Waite Specialty Machine is seeking an experienced laborer/sawyer to join our team. Responsibilities include: Rigging, Material Handling, Operating a Forklift, Overhead Crane Operator, Horizontal Band Saw Operation


Communicate with coworkers to coordinate installations or repairs.
Test mechanical systems to ensure proper functioning.
Attach rigging to objects so they can be moved.
Determine types of equipment, tools, or materials needed for jobs.
Operate cranes, hoists, or other moving or lifting equipment.

Move materials, equipment, or supplies.
Sort materials or objects for processing or transport.
Load shipments, belongings, or materials.
Mark materials or objects for identification.
Receive information or instructions for performing work assignments

Study blueprints or other instructions to determine equipment setup requirements.
Maneuver work pieces in equipment during production.
Measure dimensions of completed products or work pieces to verify conformance to specifications.
Operate metal or plastic forming equipment.
Operate cutting equipment.
Must have a Valid Driver’s License

Wage is $15-$16 per hour depending on experience

Benefits include:
Medical and dental insurance
IRA retirement
Paid holidays

Education: high school or equivalent

Fill out and submit an application at 1160 Industrial Way.

Contact (360)577-0777 for details of this position.

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